The Origins of DBC-K9

I began my journey into animal welfare on August 29, 2003. All I knew on that day was I was going to change the life of 1 dog, Amber. Little did I know it would be my life that would change. I had no idea of the spiritual & mental growth that had just been engaged. I as usual had assumed that it was Amber that needed me, needed my help. She had came into my life as a seed that would grow into something strong, with deep roots to sustain both of our lives. At 31 I was still very lost, without a distinct purpose... Why was I here? Spring 2004 in Rural Texas I meet Gabby... Gabby was a female an American Bulldog that was free roaming. I, over a 3 month period had seen her roaming the area, I asked many people if they new her owner.  No one seemed to know where she originated, so I left it be. This is rural Texas & it is common for dog's to roam. Well early one day I almost hit gabby in my truck, that was enough for me. I stopped & called Gabby, she came to me & allowed me to look her over, she was fine. She loaded up in my truck & I brought her home. Here is the learning curve... I did put up flyers, what I did NOT do is call the local PD, or the county Animal Control to report her. In the 3 months I had her I did get her a Rabies vaccine & Annual vaccinations. Well... One day Gabby's owners happen to see her in my yard, I was not at home... My wife at that time ended up in a physical altercation with the owners as they took her. We had the license plate, soon we tracked the owners down. They told the Police we had stolen their canine. I provided Medical records & 2 of the people I had in earlier months asked of her origin were willing to write statements. The owners did receive a fine for dog at large, also a fine for entering our property. They were grateful to have their canine back & did reimburse us for the medical care. I learned that what I did in theory was a good thing. What I also learned was that there is a policy & protocol for everything in life. I should have contacted local jurisdictions about Gabby.

I have spent the last 17 years learning what "Not letting good get in the way of better" is. There is always something to learn, improve & restructure. There is always someone that has been doing it better, longer... seek that person, show a true willingness to learn & do what they tell you. You will mold you own techniques, but hold tight to the theory of the veterans.  As I was told, "How can you listen when your talking?" I had to learn that even when auditing a trainer, a director, or theory. I am there to retain anything that will be of use to me, not take the inventory of the source. Lastly, we must always remember that being a part of a humane entity is a position of service. We have assumed a role of service to a species that does not understand our human world as we do. They have shared a role in our human world on their own terms until the day we assume the role of domestication. If your human pride trips you up..."Pray for a servants heart-"

After retiring from Humane work in 2018, i took al I had learned and revised it. I then sought to keep canines in their perspective homes through objective customized conditioning based around "Bonding".

Bill Bellottie