Learn to Speak Canine-

Our approach to canines is not simply “training” , it is about creating “Bond”. We think of it as learning another language, absorbing another set of principles. Canines have a distinct language & set of behavioral norms. We seek to find every canines needs on a singular level, listening, learning...

Our purpose: To create clarity between canine and human. To act as an intermediary between humans and their beloved canines through objectives and bonding. Offering the tools to become a viable and sustaining resource that cultivates enrichment and trust. Our hope is that upon completion of your experience with us is that you venture out into a new existence with both clarity and confidence-

We have 18 years in the humane rehabilitation realm. We have prepared countless canines for a deep enrichment as a family companion. Our past is deeply engrained in many homes across the country. Our motivation is to create a world easier to navigate for a species that strives to please us. But to be an apt teacher, we must be an apt student-

Bill: DBC-K9

The evaluation process is very important. In the evaluative process we find core communication. We find the core canine behavior, but also the canines individual communication. I am seeking to understand how the canine thinks through equations. How the canine places value (Food, toys, praise). Does the canine seek human interaction, when? on what level?  How does the canine work through stress? what causes stress? once we answer these factors then we can shape a custom training regimen. 

The other aspect is to see the interaction between the human and the canine. How does the owner place those same factors? I act as an intermediary between you and your canine. I understand what your canine is saying and transfer that into human equation. bridging communication gaps. the overall goal in the evolution is to make it easier for the canine to maneuver through a human world. We must shape behavior in a canine that meets a human culture. to do that we must understand the canine language... their customs.